I recently did an interview where I was asked some questions about being a female winemaker:


And today was one of those unusual moments where I thought 2 things:

1) This would never happen to a male winemaker

2) I don’t know if being on the receiving end of this is good or bad.

I went through customs in Chile and my Passport suppliment said that my profession is “enologa.”  So the customs guy- the second individual that I spoke to upon arrival in this country and the first male, looked at it, asked me if I was really an “enologa,” to which I relplied yes.  His response was that, and this is a literal translation: “you have super beautiful eyes.”

Somehow I doubt that Michel Rolland is met with the same warmth at customs.

The funniest part of all of this is that this is the second Chilean customs guy to tell me this in recent years.  Maybe it is a habit of theirs, I have no idea.  It did seem like a less than professional way to start the trip…

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