Mendoza Statistics

Over the years I have been asked a lot of random questions about Mendoza from people who are trying to figure out whether they want to go, or who are trying to visualize the place where some of the wines that they’ve drank are coming from.


Here is a list of city analogies that should give everyone a better clue as to the locale.


There will be photos galore to come, but as far as hard core town statistics, I wanted to get them to you before crush starts and the focus will only be on wine, not the town.


Latitude: 32° 54′, south.

Same as (north and south): Tripoli, San Diego, Dallas, New Castle, South Whales,

Perth, Australia, where my husband is currently crushing is 31°58’ degrees south

Longitude: 68° 50′, west

Between: Boston, Massachusetts and San Juan, Puerto Rico

Altitude: 2,449 FT-9,000 ft

Base is similar to: Tucson AZ, Mojave Desert, CA, Boise, ID

Maximum altitude is slightly higher than: Snowmass and Aspen (bases are 8,000 ft.).  The highest vineyards are 1,000 ft. higher.

Average annual rainfall: 8.8 inches (223 mm)

The average annual rainfall in the US is 30 inches per year.  Louisiana, the wettest state, gets 55 inches, while Nevada, the driest state, averages 9 inches per year.

Mendoza has wet summers, dry winters and some hail every fall.  The hail is one of the major problems the appellation has to deal with

Average temperatures: Summer: 90-65 degrees F. Winters: 58-36 degrees F.

Greater metropolitan area population: 848,660 people

Similar to: Dayton, OH greater metropolitan area.

The city limits holds approximately 110,993 people.


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