En Route to Santiago, Chile

The perils of going from one hemisphere to another, or more specifically, from the dead of winter to the rage of summer, are numerous.  I’ve gotten blisters from sudden flip-flop use, sunburned, and serious chapped lipped incidences where the right chapstick was no where to be found.

Things that I have unfortunately not packed on my way to Argentina in the past- the right chapstick, steel toed boots for working around forklifts, a cord to connect my camera to my computer.  I have those three things this go around, but am curious to see what will be missing.

I am eager to see my friends, both in Chile and Argentina.  The flight to Chile departs today.  I’ll be there for about 2 days, visiting friends from the days when I studied at the Universidad de Chile, and then a rickety 8 hour bus over the Andes to Mendoza where I am sure there will be ample opportunities to buy pencils, popsicles or live chickens- there usually are.


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