Airplane Reading; Booze Enlightened

Nothing doesn’t sell wine like talk of alcohol, alcoholism or over consumption of alcohol. If there is a single taboo in my industry, it is this.

Printed in the February 15th edition of the New Yorker, though, was an article too fascinating to ignore.

Written by one of my favorite thinkers and writers, Malcom Gladwell, the work brings to light studies on the exact effect alcohol has on us.  In conjunction with the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies and a husband and wife ethnology team, Gladwell reveals that more than anything else, alcohol makes us short-sighted.

The thoughtful man sitting in the lonely bar will be sadder than the sad man sitting in front of a great football game.  The roudy girl will behave better at her sister’s wedding than the regular girl at the frat party- we hope.

The article is certainly worth a read.  I enjoyed it very much on the flight from Dallas to Miami.


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