Being a Stickler

It depends on how snobby you want to go, but I was always of the view that there is no wrong way to taste wine.  Until yesterday.

It would’ve been great to get a photo…

We were taking a tour of Chile’s oldest winery, Cousino Macul, and sitting next to me were two Brazillians cross training, if you will.

In their right hands lay each a half glass of red wine and in their left, cigarettes a blazing, wafting and billowing into not only my own face, but also theirs.

It was beautiful in its own way.  It was also totally revolting.

Noting is happening yet with the harvest, but once it starts, it will be a whirlwind.  Off to Mendoza.

There are more pictures from the Chilean Winery on the Flying Trout Facebook page.


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