Big Beauty

One of the most fantastic festivals I’ve ever been to is the Festival de la Vendimia.  It is held here in Mendoza each year in honor of the harvest.  The local paper: has an entire section devoted to it for at least months per year.  So you’ve got “Politics,” “Sports,” “Economics,” and “Vendimia,” among others.

Not surprisingly, sex sells.  Consequently, the festival has absolutely nothing to do with talent or grapes, but rather, very hot girls of 17-23.  The city goes wild.

In a country that houses the most beautiful creatures (other than my husband) I’ve ever seen, this is a celebration of yet more beauty.

It is both fun and surreal to be in the middle of the hubub, wandering around downtown trying to run my errands during this season.  One of the candidate queens approached all of us sitting at the bus stop and let us know about her life via loud speaker.  She is an English teacher.  It was riveting.  Then we got on the bus.

Posters of 10 ft faces with 11 pounds of makeup stare you down between shampoo and bus card purchases.

The Festival usually lands after “champagne” and before any red harvesting.  This year, it will be on March 5-8.


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