The Dorky Side

My father is an inventor who hangs out with excentric designers and engineers who talk about how “elegant” the shape of a door lock may be…

These were the dinner conversations that were forced upon me as a child.  The photo below, or more accurately, my excitement over the photo below, proves that it has already happened.  I have already become my father.

The tank you see below, is an absolutely elegantly designed tank.  It is thoughtful, logical, simple and surprisingly new in the world of design and tanks.  It is actually two tanks in one

The bottom tank is used for whites while the top tank (which has a slanted bottom) is used for reds.  In red wine production, grape skins act like hot air balloons.  CO2 is a byproduct of the fermenting process and it gets stuck in the skins, causing them to float to the top.  Once you empty the tank, however, you need a way to get the solids that are left in there, out.  Usually that way is some poor individual has to get a bunch of ill-fitting rain gear on and climb on in.

They shovel out the residuals and move on with their day miserable or with a change of clothes.

This tank however, and this is where it gets fascinating (for me) does that for you!

It is not yet in use this season, but is greatly admired by me as I pass by.  If my father had any clue about making wine, he would love this tank.


One thought on “The Dorky Side

  1. “I have already become my father.” He will no doubt be thrilled to hear this (provided we can pry him away from the elegant door lock).

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