The Siesta

In Spanish there is one word- one- to say “to take advantage of.”  We use four words because it tends to not be a daily inclusion in our vocabulary.  We can take the time to say those 4 words.

Mendocinos, for example, like to take advantage of their traditions by continuing to be one of the most siesta-oriented provinces in Argentina.

In an industry where certain facilities run for 24 hours straight, or the workers work 95 hours a week, wineries here still break for the siesta.  Wineries that pump out 500,000 to 1,000,000 cases a year still figure out how to regularly honor their… traditions.

We don’t all put on pajamas like some at home do, but it is still a nice long lunch followed by some meat-belly basking.

This shocked me my first crush in Mendoza.  Then I got over my shock and learned all about the siesta.  It was hard, but I finally figured it all out.  I aproveché.


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