The Great Argentine Race

I’ve never seen the TV show The Great Race, but I bet it is a hell of a lot like my day was today.

I took a bus to the town of San Martin where I was supposed to meet the wife of the enologist for the Coop that I was trying to visit.  She runs the souvenir shop at the bus terminal.  She was going to put me in a cab that wasn’t going to over-charge me and tell them where to go.

So I get to the souvenir shop and it is closed.  The cell phone number that I have for the enologist isn’t working because sometimes when you call from a land line you type in different numbers than from a cell phone, which was what I had at that second.

I sat for a while at the coffee shop and waited.  And waited.  It turns out that instead of coming to work today, the enologist’s wife decided to not come to work today.

I finally asked the lady on the street selling maté by the cup if she knew where I could catch a cab, because I didn’t see one at the time.  Instead, she put me in her brother’s car, promising me that he would charge less.  This was doubtful.  It was at this point, and in the car, that I called the Coop and asked them what a normal fare is.  So I paid him that.  I hope he liked it.

Once at the Coop, the enologist who was supposed to meet me, whose wife was not at work, was not at work.  A different enologist took me around, which was fine.  Pictures are on facebook.


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