Generational Confusion: a young luddite and an old pro

I have little interest or capability in keeping up with the fast paced facebook and twitter Joneses.

I do enjoy writing on a semi regular basis.

Jan, my partner at Tero Estates, is energetic and excited and makes me look like an old fart, which is neither here nor there.  She is fantastic at the facebook upkeep.

So our conclusion was this- I would do the blog for both of us if she would do the facebook.  Odd though the decision may be, it works for us.

I will try my best to keep everyone updated every Wednesday on the vineyard and winery ramblings for our Windrow Vineyard, the Tero Winery and the Flying Trout Winery.

I will say from the get go that according to my dashboard statistics there are an astounding number of you reading this- thank you.

My apologies in advance for the only weekly updates.  There are wines to be made, clothes to be stained, barrels to be washed and blends to be measured.

Thanks so very much.  Here we go,

Ashley, Doug, Jan, the 4 dogs, and the 9 cats.


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