Patience, Young Grasshopper

We are about halfway through “bloom” in our estate vineyard, which is ahead of some, but behind schedule compared to most years.  The blooms are out and have just the faintest smell of honeysuckle, jasmine and peach.  When the wind isn’t blowing, you can walk the rows and let the smell surround you.

Our town, Milton Freewater, has more than doubled our average annual rainfall to this point, but it is too early in the season to say how the vintage will be affected.  Mother Nature in the vineyard is “late,” but if there is one thing that I have learned in my 14 vintages, it is that she can do whatever she wants, when she wants.  Fall is really the crucial period.

Our vineyard crew is in the field today shoot thinning.  This allows the vines to produce fewer, but better tasting grapes in the long run and it helps open up the canopy so the wind can clean out any potential problems and so the sun can shine in and get to the grapes that it needs to affect.

Doug and I are setting up for blending for the spring 2010 release wines and are organizing life for all of the non-stop events that are coming down the pipeline.

For information on some of these events, feel free to sign up for our newsletter:

Happy Wednesday from Ashley at Tero and FTW


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