We are more than halfway through “bloom” and on our way to veraison.  Veraison is when the little grren hard berries on the clusters, as seen below, turn to more of a purple color.  In order to reach veraison, we need heat.  This process is tracked by “heat units.”

One heat unit is one degree, as long as that degree is over 50 degrees farenheit.  This explanation is greatly simplified, and I am sure it will get me in trouble with some sticklers, but… it isn’t an easy system to explain.

The Walla Walla Valley averages 3200 heat units in a growing season.

Here at the wineries and vineyard, the dogs and cats are chasing gophers and each other, and Jan’s veggie garden is booming and the roses throughout the entire estate smell heavenly.  Doug and I have been having a great time with all of the winemaker events that are going on in the valley and at home.

Feel free to stop by tomorrow for our Happy Hour: Thursdays from 3-6:30.

Happy Wednesday from Ashley at Flying Trout and Tero Estates.


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