It Ain’t Called Windrow for Nothing

As a little girl in DC, I remember waiting with bated breath for the snowy forecast that would send me home from math class.

My brother, years later, got out of a week of school in LA for mudslides. I was jealous.

As an English teacher in Japan I awaited the “inevitable” monsoon season breaks from classes, but I underestimated the Japanese’s ability to conquer the elements…and everything else, and thus, a continuation of work.

But never before have I had my life or my co-workers lives interrupted from wind.

The sun was out, the weather was hot, and the wind in the SSW direction, was clocked at 34 mph in town where they have the weather stations.  It was windier here.

Upon arriving to work, my dog Brett jumped out of the car and chased something in the wind and was invisible to my eyes for another 4 hours.  Angel, our cellar master, was out doing some vineyard work, but found that it was difficult to do because he could no longer open his eyes without dust getting in them.

Our neighbor, a commercial composting operation, was less like a neighbor and more on top of us by the end of the day.

Dust mites can be a problem with enough wind and dust in a vineyard like ours, but we are doing ok so far.

Needless to say, Angel had a short day.  I stayed in the office for a little longer, trying to figure out how to get the compost out of my keyboard, and then went home- where it wasn’t so windy.



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