Potatoes, Potaahtoes

Each one of us has a button.  Or twenty.

My father’s has always been “unique.”

The meaning of unique is “one of a kind.”  Considering this, you can’t be VERY one of a kind.  You can’t be soooo one of a kind.  You also can’t be totally one of a kind.  One of a kind is one of a kind is one of a kind- end of story.

By the age of 6 I was well aware of the proper usage of unique.

My thing is “variety.”

Varieties and varietals are different things.

“A variety” refers to a grape type.  “A varietal” refers to a bottled wine that was made from one variety.  “We have planted many varieties in our vineyard” is a grammatically correct sentence. “We have planted many varietals” means absolutely nothing.

And now we know.

Hopefully we are not uniquely in the know.


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