Hitchcock was Right

Birds may look nice enough, but for some of us, they are the enemy.

Starlings and Robins love to eat grapes before we can ever get them in a barrel.  In our 26 acre vineyard, we could lose up to 5 tons if the vines aren’t netted.

Our grapes are draped in nets right when veraison starts (when the grapes start turning purple), and they are taken off right after harvest is done.

The nets,  flat, would cover about 45 acres, made up of nets ½ mile long each.  Think Christmas lights on steroids.  Unraveling them and rolling them up again is a task unto itself.

PETA members- eyemuffs:

Other than nets, there are a few, less effective methods, of getting rid of birdies.  You can shoot them, which gets the bird rage out, but isn’t exactly PC, or, quite frankly, effective en masse.  You can put little shiny streamers on the ends of poles which should work like scarecows, which work for about ten minutes.  Cannon shot sounds and “bird-in-distress” sounds tend to be outsmarted by a bird sooner or later.  So really, the answer is nets, maybe minimal tree planting so they have few places to perch, and nine cats are as close as we get to a solution.

So if you like birds, good on you- you can have ours.  What’s your address, we’ll send them over.


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