Reindeer and Lemonade

As I wandered the vineyards in my down coat in August, I thought- this is going to be a slow September.  This has been among the coolest spring, summer and fall we’ve had in a long, long time and certainly since this many wineries and vineyards have been in the AVA.  So what does cold remind you of?

Maybe you think of sledding or skiing, of turkey or Christmas sweaters or hot chocolate.

I think of lemonade, or more accurately, of acid.  Our culture doesn’t have many positive connotations of acid, but it is worthy of praise.  Acid in wine (caused by a cool atmosphere- an oversimplified explanation) leads to a bright start with a pop, big mouthfeel and most pronounced- a long, long finish just like your lemonade of yesteryear.

This is looking to be a phenomenal year for early ripeners like malbec and a scary year for late ripeners like cabernet.


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