Musical Bins

The farming community has always been good at lending a helping hand and modern technology, thankfully, has changed that little.

When it is harvest time, different wineries need to pick different grapes at different times.  Inevitably, someone’s picking bins are at a vineyard that you need to pick from right when you need to pick and more often than not, they are willing to let you use them.

Towards the end of the season, activities wind down and bins are left behind or left at the wrong vineyard or winery.  Winemakers are so preoccupied with the must fermenting in their cellar that they cease to worry about a plastic object that won’t get used for another 10 months… which leads us to September.

Everyone returns bins to their rightful owner, shares a sandwich and a laugh, compares weather reports, disease concerns and birthday compliments and then…crush.

It’s a nice introduction to the season.


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