The Eye of the Storm

This is it.  This is the dead center of harvest.  And as with the eye of any storm, there is a tranquility in the chaos.  One finds moments of sleep in wakefulness, of delusion in stress, of zen nothingness in physical exhaustion – there is a beauty in understanding that nature has a way of convincing us to repeat this annually no matter how dirty or sleepy or sore we may finish.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we will have: finished our first 2010 Windrow Merlot fermentation, pressed it, inoculated it with malolactic bacteria (malolactic testing in the photo above), crushed about 7 tons (for us, a lot) of cabernet, malbec, cabernet franc and I think merlot, although at this point I can’t think straight, inoculated everything with yeast, soaked our new oak tank, and maintained everything else that goes on here daily.

Harvest for almost all of us may be over by Sunday when it is forecasted to rain a whole lot.  This, on top of the sprinkle of frosts we’ve had throughout the state over the past week may mean…game over.


One thought on “The Eye of the Storm

  1. Sounds like you’re almost done with this part of it. I hope you get to take a little break soon before whatever comes next.

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