First of all, Happy Holidays and a New Year to everyone.

Winter is here.  The vines are hibernating, as are we.  Now is the time for that big cab and an even bigger couch.  We are finishing malolactic fermentations, shuffling barrels in the cellar into a more organized fashion, cleaning up after holiday festivities and after a long, hard crush, finding some time to say hi to our loved ones and families.


The seasonal aspect of wine making may be my favorite part of the profession.  You have a crazy, dirty, exhausting bonanza, then a holiday party moment, followed by a hibernation lull, topped by a springtime de-hibernation fun season and then after a quiet 3 weeks in the  summer, you do it all over again.  Any one of those for an extended period of time, would be less than fantastic.  But as a cyclical system, there is a complete-ness to it all.


In news that is possibly more exciting than a hibernation announcement, we are opening a downtown Walla Walla tasting room on February 1st.  Further details to come (I am not sure I am allowed to say where yet).







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