In every facet of life, there always the “take out the trash” chore, or the “clean the toilet” chore.

In winemaking, we like to call it “bottling.” Bottling is the bane of any winemaker’s existence. After literally years of detailed, pain staking, back-breaking physical work, battling nature and brain cells, funneling the flow of artistic endeavors into an end point, the wine is finished.

Bottling is one boring, long day where all you can do is screw that up. Maybe the corks that you received were wrong, maybe you ordered too few bottles, maybe the filter doesn’t work the way it was supposed to, maybe the capsules are the wrong length or color- the possible faults are endless and the day is long. Despite this, there are only a select few who need to worry about these things. Everyone else can just show up, hang out together and listen to music while they fiddle away the day and eat pizza.

We will be bottling a slew of wines over the next week and are looking forward to everything going smoothly as well as having all sorts of extra space in our cellar. Wish us luck.


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