The New Digs

This is less of a blog post and more of a show of appreciation.

The Grand Opening was phenomenal- we had over 400 people come through our teeny tiny little tasting room over the course of Friday night.

Everyone from Otis Kenyon to L’Ecole 41, from Whitman College professors to pregnant ladies who weren’t even drinking, from neighbors to Wine Club members, from dentists to best friends- everyone, absolutely everyone- came out of hibernation for our February Grand Opening and we noticed, were thankful, touched and totally moved.

I moved here from Washington DC in 1999 and Jan and Doug moved here from the Seattle area a few years later and this is why.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Crew.


One thought on “The New Digs

  1. Congratulation to all three wineries on your openings at The Marc, a nice crowd assembled along with great wines and food. You may have well found one of Walla Wallas sweet spots, for locating a tasting room.
    Tom Stokes

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