Buried Canes


This week, we are unburying our canes in the vineyard.  Luckily, we buried our canes before the big freeze in late November 2010, which may have done some real damage to many of the Washington AVAs as well as the Walla Walla AVA (WA and OR by the way).

So what are canes, you ask?  The plant will bud, which grows into a reed-like item called a cane.  Canes are still malleable and can be buried over the winter to protect the plant from freezing entirely during extreme freezes.

On a side note, my beloved husband is the winemaker for a winery called Buried Cane, so here’s to your week.

The total process for the 30 acre Windrow Vineyard takes about 4 days and has been performed this year, under the most lovely sunshine and weather and we are all basking in the awesomeness of it all.

See you soon, maybe at the Vineyard.


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