The George C. Marshall of the Portland Indie Festival?

George C. Marshall, once Secretary of Defense, Army Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, chief military advisor to Roosevelt, author of the Marshall Plan and Nobel Peace Prize winner, was once nothing more than a younger brother, and a slightly shameful one at that.

His older brother, whose name I cannot currently recall, was one of the star students at the Virginia Military Institute and a respected prodigy of Virginia’s elite youth.  When it was time for his little brother, George, to start applying to higher education locales, the elder Marshall begged their mother to not let George apply to VMI for fear that the Marshall name would be forever tarnished.  Much to his chagrin, the elder Marshall’s baby brother did apply to VMI, was accepted, and did, more or less, dictate US foreign policy for the better part of a pair of decades.

The Portland Indie Wine Festival was packed with the more established pinot noir producers of Oregon and then… there was us.  We showed up with our malbecs, cabernets and blends and pulled off, if I may say so myself, a George C. Marshall.

Everyone was having a great time with this crazy concept of 30-year-old-vine Oregon cabernet sauvignon and we were having a blast being included in one of our home state’s greatest wine festivals.

Leave it to the Oregon side of Walla Walla to surprise both the north and the west.  Walla Walla: surprise, surprise.


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