Rand McNally’s Friendliest town in the US… of course

Walla Walla, friendly friendly.

I’ve never been to the runner-up towns of Lake Havasu, AZ; Mount Airy, NC; Nacogdoches, TX; Valdosta, GA and Woodward, OK, but I am in no real rush to go because Walla Wala is indeed the friendliest.

Voted Friendiest town in the US by Rand McNally in their “Best of the Road” contest, Walla Walla lived up to it’s name- a town so nice they had to name it twice.

Other categories included: most beautiful, fun, patriotic and best for food.  For more info, please visit: www.bestoftheroad.com or http://ontheroad.bestoftheroad.com/2011/07/08/walla-walla-holla-holla/

Having moved here from Washington DC (the other friendliest town in the US…) at the age of 18, I was shocked that A) Main Street was called Main Street and B) that people looked you in the eye as you walked past them. 

Everyone supports each others’ crafts, dreams, goals and realities.

Our tasting room in the corner of the Marcus Whitman hotel gives us a great view of the downtown hubub and lets us be a part of the hotel  – the highlight of friendliness according to the Rand McNally crew.

Even though it is fun getting national recognition for our townsfolk, the real joy is living among them. 

Thanks guys.


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