Certifiably Hippie

We are so excited to announce that, thanks to Doug’s tender loving care, hard work, and vision, our Windrow Vineyard is now approved by LIVE Inc. (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) as an entity that is certified sustainably farmed.  This certification entails Salmon Safe, Live and IOBC and was no easy feat to reach.

Caring for the quality of the wines is of immediate interest.  Caring for our 2020 crop is a different matter altogether and we are so impressed that Doug has both goals in mind at all times.  The juggle is continual and crucial.

For anyone who wants to visit the vineyard, feel free to stop by: 52015 Seven Hills Road Milton Freewater 97862

Call ahead of time if you want to try to meet with Doug, Jan or Ashley.  After an especially frosty winter night, the place looks magical, once the buds start peeking in the early spring it is energizing, the summer brings the bightest greens and velvet purples and the harvest in the fall is chaotic and rewarding.  The vineyard is, at all times, breathtakingly beautiful and will be for years to come.




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