February is for Foodies

Nine restaurants in Walla Walla have agreed to provide special (and especially low-priced) three course meals.  The Marc Restaurant, Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen, PhoSho, T. Maccarone’s, Olive Marketplace & Cafe, Whitehouse Crawford Restaurant, CrossRoads Steakhouse & Lounge, South Fork Grill and The Vineyard Lounge. Restaurants are all on board and we can’t wait to head to Whitehouse Crawford tonight to check out their goodies.

Cooking Classes are being held at the Titus Creek Cafe (part of the WW Community College)  for $20 sessions each Saturday for the month.  Call Roseanna to sign up at: 509-525-8799.  Courses run from 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM.  Four local chefs will each be doing 20 minute hands on interactive cooking demonstrations in small groups.  Local Walla Walla Wine will be sampled and included for the lunch and Iron Chef tastings.

Embrace the hibernation.  Eat, Drink and Be Merry.




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