Tartaric Acid and Grappa- the Organic Corn of the Wine World?


Every now and then there is some trash that is super duper useful.  Manure is a perfect example of something that can really pile up in unwelcome ways if you don’t know the right people.  But if you do know the right people, like hippie gardeners, those people take that trash away and use it for some very wonderful and free purposes.  Everyone is happy.

Well Argentina has noticed.  I need to prod further, but from what I caught today, this is actually government mandated: Wineries are required to take their pressing junk and press it even further to a concentrated goo (see pic above) and must send their goo to some distillery. I don’t know if all of the distilleries are all state run- I don’t think so, but I don’t know.

Those distilleries turn the goo into grappa for drinking and they separate out the tartaric acid (a huge percentage of the acid that is found in grapes) and send that powdered and packaged tartaric acid to wineries around the world.

I think that each winery has to fill a quota of what they send out, but I’ll ask before I put that in real print.

I found that pretty interesting today.

For more info on how the Argentina adventure is going- check out our Facebook page



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