Yeast Shopping

Some people have a shoe fetish, while others really have a thing for sports cars.  I tend to dabble in yeast shopping.

There are a lot of great elements to the concept of indigenous fermentation and I support it all the way, but I do love me some yeast choices as well.

There are a few labs in the world who are responsible for a great percentage of the individual strains of powdered yeast.  Lallemand is one of them, and of the Lallemand portfolio, we’ve decided to go with the Rhone 4600 strain.

All of the cool kids here in Mendoza are doing it.

For those of you who really like to dork out, Lallemand’s Rhone 4600 yeast description is as follows:

Lalvin Rhône 4600®: Aromatic and elegant whites and rosés
Rhône 4600 was selected by the Inter-Rhône’s technical department after a three-year study of yeasts well suited for fermenting fruit forward, elegant white and rosé wines. High sugar and low nitrogen musts when fermented cool (13.5°C) with the Rhône 4600, have enhanced apricot and tropical fruit due to strong fatty acid ethyl ester production. Higher roundness with diminished bitterness also make the Rhône 4600 a good choice for Rhône white varietals and chardonnay. Although the Rhône 4600 does not enhance the varietal character of Sauvignon blanc or Semillon, this yeast does bring fatness and balance along with light aromatic ester notes as a good blending component.


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