Ashley’s Top 5 Favorite Things About Mendoza

1) The wine.  Of course.

2) Food: all types of meat, empanadas, pastas, croissants (media lunas), dulce de leche, ice cream, coffee

3) Sunshine and warmth.  It is almost always sunny and warm when I show up and I leave before it gets really cold.  I once saw a picture of Mendoza under snow and the thought never properly registered in my brain.  I have lived here so many times and it has always been warm.  It is weird to think of it otherwise and I refuse.

4) The asado.  All of Sunday everything is closed and you are forced to spend the day with family and friends taking it easy.  If I were better at taking naps, the siesta hours would be on this list as well.

5) Music: tango, techno tango, music in the plaza, at the bars, you name it.


2 thoughts on “Ashley’s Top 5 Favorite Things About Mendoza

  1. We spent a week in Mendoza in April 2012 while our daughter was doing a year long study abroad in AR. We LOVED it! I agree- love the wine, the food (medialunas are to die for!), asados and siestas. We stayed across the street from Plaza Chile. Just loved the Microcentro area.

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