Vintage by Vintage

So here is the quick and dirty run down on the Mendoza vintages of Flying Trout Torrontes that you’ve either drank, or will drink:

2009: the end of 2008 harvest was cut short by an early and hard frost, damaging the plant and resulting in low but healthy tonnage for 2009, especially in the Valle de Uco.  There was heat and no rain, so it was an early but managable harvest.

2010: A very, very late harvest with lots of hail and rain Good acid, low alcohol, good phenolics, medium tonnage.  There would have been a lot of tonnage if it weren’t for some strong zonda winds that year.  Kind of miserable to work in, but good wines.

2011: Really dry- no rain and very little melting snow from the Andes. Similar to 2009, only there were more irregularities in ripening clusters because of extreme fluctuations in temps.  In some ways, that gives you nice acid and nice phenolic ripening, but you really have to be on your game and nail it timing-wise.

2012: Warm, dry. Low tonnage due to hail.  Very very early year.  Great phenolics.  Really nice to work in conditions like this- it’s a bit of a walk in the park this year except for the low tonnage across the valley.

The 2012 torrontes is currently in a few different tanks, harvested on different days and we are finding that as the fruit hangs, the fruitiness- grapefruit, pineapple, peach, kiwi, startfruit, dies off a bit and the florals start to come out- honeysuckle, jasmin, wisteria.


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