So this guy is my office mate.  He is different than Doug in a few ways.  Every evening I walk down the road to what I call a coffee shop, but what is actually an old gas station that was remade entirely and now serves coffee, utility bill paying opportunities, croissants, WiFi and loud TV inside, but I always sit on the beautiful porch and they let me.

The other guy they let sit around is this guy in the baseball hat.


He sits on the street corner sewing soccer balls back up and reinflating them.  He is the hardest working man in Argentina and I have never seen anyone solicit him for his duties.  I also don’t see him take the siesta.  He is here first thing in the morning and until late at night.  He and I, I think, have made ourselves a really great office here on the corner of Cervantes and J.J. Paso.



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