The Siesta and Culture Shock

I, if I may say so myself, do a wonderful job of not falling into culture shock.  But every now and then, the stars align and I want to claw my face off.  Today is one of those days. 

So instead of harping and whining, I’m going to talk about one of the problems, but I’m going to talk about the good aspects of it and this little blog entry will be my therapy and I will just “get over” today.

The siesta is still very strictly enforced in Argentina in ways that it isn’t almost anywhere else in the world.

Siesta lasts from 1 pm-5 pm everyday.  So the work day here starts at 9 and goes till 1 pm.  Then everything, everything, everything shuts down and people eat lunch and kids get out of school and go home and everyone sits around the house together eating and enjoying the sunshine.  After a while, the kids go back to school and later, parents go back to work.  I’m not exactly sure how the school day works, but the work day resumes from 5 pm-8 or 9 pm. 

It is very common to see a whole family- babies and all, wandering around downtown at 11 pm, because they all took naps in the middle of the day and they just got off of work.

It is a lovely way to spend lots of quality time with your family and eat good, home cooked and healthy food.

It is a crappy way to run a company.

Of course, their priorities are straight.  But on days like today, it can be a tad frustrating.

Ok, rant over.

Thanks, Ashley



2 thoughts on “The Siesta and Culture Shock

  1. Ashley, okay, so in that 4 hours are people not allowed to leave their homes? So like a forced nap time?? I guess that probably would be the case since you said everything shuts down. I with you could not manage that.. I want to be done at 5pm and start having a glass of wine… Of course there, they may drink throught the day, in which case a nap would probably be a good thing :)! Can’t wait to try the new wines.. gonna try and get to Walla Walla in August.

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