To sum Burgundy up in one sentence, I’d like to quote a winemaker who took us on a tour of his cellar (picture of his 1934 bottles posted) “I think a really good blend is generally made from half young vines and half old vines… like 50 year old with 90 year old vines- that is a good combination.” He said this totally dead-pan.

I almost lost it.

Burgundy was wonderful. The town we were in, Cote de Nuits, is beautiful and has castles and vineyard and stone houses with stone walls that come from their stone vineyards.

The appellation of Burgundy makes a lot of Pinot Noir. Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Aligote and Gamay (which is made in the occasionally embarrassed and certainly less serious section of Beaujolais) but mainly it is known for the first two varieties.

Cote de Nuits has 25 of the 33 Grand Crus that are in Burgundy. We drank some of them. They were nice. That 50+90 year blend really does work.



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