The Country Life

While I am originally from Washington DC, the country life has somehow always been in my soul and I felt at peace the moment I moved out here.  Especially this time of year, during harvest, it all seems to fit.

I don’t listen to country music at any other point during the year, but there’s just something about long vineyard drives that really puts me in the mood.  The mood, by the way, can be dangerous.  Much in the same way that my husband and I bought a “basement with a house over it” I buy “cruise control with cars around it.”  With two winemakers in the family, our car insurance is through the roof- not because of anything booze related, but rather, we do a lot of long country drives.

And with the windows rolled down- if you give me a good country song, a strong cup of coffee in a tightly capped thermos and a long stretch of Highway 14, I can put NASA to shame.  I can accomplish feats that Henry Ford never thought possible.  So yes, my wallet likes cruise control even if the rest of me doesn’t.

It’s a shame realizing that you’re old and vaguely responsible.



One thought on “The Country Life

  1. We are in the middle of getting a car right now, and cruise control was the _only_ thing I requested in the _entire_ car selection. Seriously. Maybe it is a family thing.

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