Tasting Hard

I spent last night tasting wines, beer and spirits as a quasi consultant for a chocolate company that wants to publish chocolate and beverage pairings. Chocolate isn’t actually the best pairing for any wine- but no one including myself wants to dwell on that for very long, so we trudged through.



The Windrow petit verdot went really nicely with one of the darker chocolates filled with cocoa nibs. The Phinny Hill Malbec went nicely with a medium bodied chocolate with some berry notes in it. And the Waters rose went well with a milk chocolate.

I spent so long tasting through that flight that I had no palate left for all of the 2012 and 2013 barrel samples that I had pulled from our cellar to map out my next 4 months.

Instead, I tasted those- wait for it- at 5:30 this morning. Post diaper change, pre-asparagus strata.

My son wakes up at 5:20 each morning, so there we were, bottles lined up and ready to go, no coffee taint on the tongue, no egg smell in the house. Aside from the cultural taboo, it was the perfect time for tasting, so I went for it. Don’t judge. Ashley




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