How Many Orange Types Can You Handle; The Molecular Friday Round

Orange_and_cross_sectionGivaudan, is a lab out of Cincinatti that is making your oranges. 4,000 of them in fact.

You don’t need 4,000 oranges you say? Well, according to the 101 of economics: supply and demand, you apparently do. They also make 3,000 chicken types and 6,000 versions of strawberry. 6,000.

Grapes need no Cincinatti. On their own, they contain thousands of volatile compounds. Thiols (guava, passionfruit, grapefruit etc.), terpenes (fruit and floral) and norisprenoids (honey-like) all come from the skin. The seeds and stems impart tannins to structure the framework within which you taste (smell really) and the pulp imparts tartness that keeps things lively.

So the next time you hear someone describe a wine as having “smoked boysenberry, tarred over with sprinkles of honeysuckle and raw coffee harvested by virgins on a Tuesday dawn,” roll your eyes and then try some. There might be something to it. At least half of it.

It might even taste better than 3,999 versions of orange.


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