Old Men With Drinking Solutions; Our Nation’s Leaders

Presidents get to be presidents because because they find solutions to the big questions in life. So who better to turn to for suggestions on what, in this wide, wide world, do we drink?

George Washington was the kind of man who would make my husband proud. He spent over $6000 on wine in one year, 1775. Almost all of it Madiera.

Thomas Jefferson was probably the president we most closely link to wine due to a vineyard that he planted by Monticello. What so many of us don’t know is that he was never able to try his own wines. The vines took too long to be fruitful.

An interesting novel, The Billionaire’s Vinegar,” details a true story about one of TJ’s wines being sold to someone at an auction for copious amounts of money when the wine actually was… Well I won’t spoil the surprise.

Rutherford B Hayes’ wife, Lucy Webb banned wines at the table. Despite her and the prohibition movement, wines were continually found at the White House.

Reagan, for obvious reasons, began serving more Californian wines.

Nixon used to pour the table mediocre French wines while simultaneously and secretly imbibing Chateaux Margaux as my daughter would say, “all by his lone.”

To his defense, and we’ve all been there, it is slightly painful sharing a gorgeous, precious bottle with someone who you know won’t notice it. But no, I’ve never pulled that move.

And upon his retirement, Carter began making his own wines.

Happy 4th. Drive Safely.