Seth Godin, a man whose brain I admire very much, once mentioned that we only think well for brief stints throughout the day, but certainly not for a whole hour. I buy this.

But what is so fulfilling about harvest work is that 95% of actually making it happen, is physical. So at the end of your 19th day in a row of 12+ hour days of non-stop lifting, grasping, pushing, pulling and rolling, you know that you can do no more. There is no question. There is no uncertainty. When the effort it takes to get in a bathtub might be more than you have, you know that you couldn’t have done any better. When you can barely get home because your calf muscles are too tired to push down the gas pedal, that is something worthy of satisfaction.

Was your best good enough to crush all of the fruit, reinoculate the stuck fermentation, or thoroughly sanitize all of the equipment? Let’s hope so. But if it wasn’t, you still couldn’t have done more being you, being today.

How often in our lives do we get such fulfillment? Not often, I would argue. Tonight I know that I and the rest of our crew will sleep soundly and tomorrow we will crush… 18 tons of fruit before sundown.

Have a great weekend- I know I will. Ashley