When You Wish Upon A Star

You get the kind of vintage we have at hand.


My three year old could make a good wine this year.  A hot spring lead to a hot summer, followed by a hot fall and defying all odds, acids are still retained on the vine.  This makes no sense, but I will take it.  Ripeness is everywhere.  Sugars are ready.  Colors are fantastic.  A lack of temperature fluctuation in the spring led to very little “shatter” and vine damage.  And because temperatures got hot early and stayed that way, there aren’t any major spikes of ripeness or sudden acidity losses during warm weeks in the fall.  Since 2012 was warm, 2013 was warmer and 2014 was even warmer, tonnage is up by about 30% in most places.  This vintage, as shown in the graph below, has the most growing degree days of any harvest Washington has ever seen.

2014 graphics

Because of the heat and speed, everything has been coming in at once.  We are now very fit and even more tired. I’ve included some extra photos for your enjoyment.

Have a great weekend, Ashley

Photos below, courtesy of Jan Roskelley.


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