Movers and Shakers

In a fit of pure flagrant nepotism, I’d like to honor my Uncle George Franklin’s new and fantastic book, “Cereal Wars,” by thanking the sweet ground I walk on that my industry is simpler.

“Cereal Wars” chronicles the lobbying that goes on behind closed doors to bring cereal to your breakfast table. It is a world filled with international negotiations, barters, senators with a right place right time story and gobs and gobs of money.


The truth of course is that the wine industry, somewhere and at some point is exactly like that. For that matter, the industry in Washington state is like that. There are laws that dictate how wines get onto grocery shelves and at what tax bracket. There are laws that affect how easy it is for other states to ship their wines into our state because that, in turn, affects the ratio of WA wines you’re likely to purchase. (Any wines that teach you about the beauty of nature far, wide or near should be readily available in my view).

grapes and net

An outdated post-Prohibition law dictates that you pay $6 more in taxes for a case of wine that is over 14.1% alcohol than one that is under.

Certain laws allow big brands to pay restaurants to get on their glass pour lists in a way that smaller wineries can’t afford.

All of this to say that I’m just thrilled that my job is making the wine. When I go out to dinner, my innermost thoughts are about tastes, smells texture, and pairings.

My naïveté in this field can be summed up by my mother in law’s view of her new vacuum system- if you never learn how to do it, no one will put you in charge of that task. Thank goodness for the George Franklins of the world.

fishy capsules

I hope you had a great weekend, Ashley

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